We Are Usually Asked About

How much is your shipping?

Less than $40CAD is $15CAD, Less than $300CAD is 35% of the total order. Over
$300 is 28% of the total order.

Can you ship by air not by land/ocean?

We try to ship air for most of our orders unless for customers in areas such as Russia, Australia, New Zealand as the cost
of shipping AIR on larger orders is approximatley $25CAD to $40CAD over and above. We will ask for further payment if customers in these
regions still want shipping by air or we will ship by land/ocean within what’s already been paid.

What funds are your prices in?

Canadian Dollars

Do your metal miniatures contain lead?

Our metal that we make our miniatures with is considered lead free by our supplier.

When do you ship after the order has been placed?

Usually 3-7 business days depending on work flow.

Do you use a quality resin for your resin castings?

Yes, we use the finest resin used by many top manufacturers. Our resin elephants can be imersed in boiling water and thinner cross
sectional parts such as the ears and trunk can be reposed.

How long does it take to ship to Europe?

Usually 10-14 business days by Air.

Do your miniatures come painted?

No, our miniatures are supplied unpainted.

Why are some of your more sharply detailed miniatures more expensive than others in your range?

More sharply detailed miniatures reduce mold life as they are more abrasive to the mould upon extraction. It also takes more time in
mould making as well.

Why dont you produce miniatures in more eye pleasing smurf like proportions?

We pride ourselves on finer proportions and details as they are harder to mould and cast and we feel that it provides more value to our
customers than what our competitors provide.

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